I want you to picture people sitting in front of the CEO of a company and doing these things.

  • 1

    A guy showed up carrying a duffle bag with his dog inside.

  • 2

    A guy asked to be called "Tigger" from Whinnie the Pooh.

  • 3

    I guy googled the answer to every question he was asked in front of the CEO.

  • 4

    One person brought their lunch and ate it during the whole interview.

  • 5

    A man had religious books he wanted to pass out at each desk of the staff.

  • 6

    One woman asked the CEO for a rundown of every employee's salaries.

  • 7

    A person showed up and sat in a yoga pose for the entire interview.

  • 8

    A guy interviewed for the same company his wife worked at and asked if she had been cheating on him....clearly, he just wanted to keep eyes on her.

  • 9

    When asked why he left his last job, a guy said he was fired for, quote, "kicking someone's butt that really needed it."

  • 10

    One woman asked to use the bathroom in the middle of the interview...and didn't return for 45 minutes.