The weather in 2012 certainly wasn't the bets for wildlife. From hurricanes to droughts, forecasters had their hands full keeping track of changing weather patterns. Is it global warming? Is it a cycle of changing weather patters that the earth has gone through since day one? Perhaps the best way to answer that is with a "bird count."Every year a group of 50 or so scientists gather in Texas to tally up the variety of species and amount of total birds they see in a 24 hour period. There findings can tell forecasters more than any radar can.

Scientists saw birds change their habits during last year's historic drought that parched most of Texas. Some birds that normally winter on the coast — such as endangered whooping cranes — arrived and immediately turned back when they couldn't find enough food. Other birds didn't even bother flying to the coast. Snowy owls, who sometimes migrate from the Arctic to Montana, suddenly showed up as far south as Texas.