Last weekend, WYRK promotions intern Ashley Wojcinski headed to Chicago for first-ever gathering of the Keith Urban 100 Club. Since her first Keith Urban show in 2006, she's seen him TONS of times -- this weekend, she'll attend show #129.

"I did it simply for the feeling I got when I went…the joy, the music, the friends I was making, just the overall experience of it," Ashley said. "Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think anything of it, and I sure didn't think I would ever get anything in return of going to all these concerts…"

But last October, Keith's management messaged her on Facebook and told her that "Keith had told them how many shows I have been to and he wanted to do something special for me…WHAT?!"

Six weeks later, she received an official email congratulating her on being an "'inaugural member of the Keith Urban 100 Club' and [saying] that Keith would personally like to thank me for my dedication" by flying her to Chicago, along with nine other fans for lunch, a city tour and a night of festivities at Urban's concert at the United Center. (The group chose to spend their free Thursday night at his show in Grand Rapids, too.)

"Well, my mouth just about dropped, and I didn’t know whether to freak out, or cry, or both," Ashley said. "Was this serious?"

The whole trip was incredible, but Ashley said the highlight of the trip was, of course, Friday night's show. The group was treated to dinner at backstage catering, followed by a tour of the venue, and then an extra-special meet & greet with Keith.

"I personally got to tell him something I’ve been meaning to tell him for a while now -- just about how he’s had such a huge impact on my life and how thankful I am for him. How if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be trying to make this a living with school and interning at the station and wanting to move to Nashville, etc." Ashley said.

Ashley Wojcinski

The group as a whole also got to spend some time with Urban, chatting and taking pictures:

At the end, he said how we always thank him, but it should be him thanking us. He said how he doesn’t think of it as the fans and him, it’s 'us', and that it’s like family. Every night he looks for us in the crowd, and when something isn’t going right during the show or he’s exhausted or needs help getting through, he looks for us and we make him feel better…comfortable. That he loves seeing us out there every night. He basically said we were his safety net! He said that he wanted us to know how much we’ve done to support him and that he appreciates it and that he loves us. He truthfully teared up a little bit towards the end, and I have to say, it was one of the most intense, emotional and best moments EVER. That minute right there, made everything worth it. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Ashley and the rest of the 100 Club want to stress that Urban did all of this for them "out of his own generosity and heart. There was no press involved and no publicity....[But w]e want people to know what he did for us. The man literally flew us out to see him, and we were pampered total VIP style…like absolute royalty, all weekend. I can’t really think of any other artist who has done something like this."

Ashley Wojcinski

"There is a reason that the 'KU 100 Club' has seen Keith that many times," Ashley said. "He is a true class act…and it does not get any better than that."