Some people think it’s just gross, but I like that it’s fast and can be ready in five minutes. I have a couple of cans in my pantry. It’s a product of the Campbell Soup Company – Franco American Spaghetti. Just the plain variety is what I prefer. But the original is SpaghettiO’s. A man by the name of Donald Goerke is the man who gets the credit for developing SpaghettiO’s. And it came after a year-long study of what would be the appropriate shape of a pasta dish that people could eat without making a mess.

Some of the shapes that were tried and rejected were cowboys, Indians, spacemen, star and different kind of shapes related to sports. They were all rejected in favor of O’s. And they were marketed to parents as less messy than regular spaghetti

Other varities include SpaghettiOs with Meatballs, SpaghettiOs with Sliced Franks (hot dog slices), SpaghettiOs RavioliOs, and other theme-shaped SpaghettiOs.

SpaghettiOs were introduced nationally with a lot of advertising using the tagline, “the neat round spaghetti you can eat with a spoon" and the jingle "Uh-Oh! SpaghettiOs".