The WYRK Toyota Taste of Country, which is the biggest one-day show in WNY, is on it's way to the 4th straight SELL OUT, and we are ready to throw the biggest party here again in Western New York on June 12!

Coca-Cola Field will host the 16th annual show with Dierks Bentley AND Joe Nichols and that's just the start of it as there will be more announced! The night will end up being a sing-a-long, as just between the two of them, they have 36 singles that have reached the Top 20 on the country Billboard charts!

Including the hits Drunk On A Plane, I Hold On, Sideways, Come A Little Closer, 5150, Tip It On Back, Am I The Only One, Gimmie That Girl, How Am I Doin', Sunny + 75, Yeah, Brokenheartsville, The Impossible and Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.

You don't want to be the only one that isn't at the biggest concert night of the year...and, fair warning, the Taste of Country always sells out.

Now that I've already given you two reasons by accident that you NEED to be there, let's continue with four more...

  • 1

    It's The Biggest Outside Concert In Western New York

    Face it -- there's nothing better than being outside with 26,000 other people, in downtown Buffalo, no roof over your head, nothing but sunshine, beer in hand and country music. Plus, Party Zone ticketholders get up close and personal and can walk right up to the stage.

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  • 2

    It's The First Tailgate Of The Year

    If there's one thing that we love in Buffalo, it's beer. Just drinking in general really...and we're good at it. Biggest concert of the year = biggest tailgate of the year. Plus, it's the first. Last year we went around and wandered out in the crowd, and there were tailgates EVERYWHERE downtown. At every corner, down by the water, on top of just about every car ramp. We're ready to join again!

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  • 3

    You've Got Cabin Fever

    I'm proud to say that Buffalo has one of the biggest, most loyal country music fanbases in the entire U.S. We're ready to rock, and when artists come through, they know that we are ready to party, which is why they always want to come back.

    We've been cooped up all winter long with barely any shows, and this one is the first one that we're going to be able to cut-freakin'-loose. Let's show Jake Owen what we're made of.

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  • 4

    It's Just 29 Bucks

    Let's take a look at a list of things that cost $29:

    - Just above a quarter of your truck's gas tank filled.

    - 1/3 of a steak at the Chophouse.

    - Knowing people from Buffalo, $29 will get you through about two hours at the bar.


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