The 4-H Livestock Auctions are taking place at The Erie County Fair, and there are four great reasons to become a buyer.

I will see you for both auction days on Saturday the 13th and 20th at this year's fair!

Fill Your Family's Freezer

The animals that you purchase are locally raised with the best care and quality in mind. The 4-H kids put countless hours in to feeding and tending to their animals.

Support Kids In Our Community

Hands down, the kids of 4-H have some of the best manners, focus, dedication and willingness to work hard. 4-H allows them to bond with and make new friends and offers them leadership skills and the tools necessary to become model citizens.

Support The Future Of The Agriculture Industry Locally/Nationally

Although 4-H has many different programs that kids can participate in, agriculture is the most vital to the future of the industry that produces food/resources to our country. From animals to fruits/vegetables, the 4-H agriculture program ensures that we can  provide locally grown produce/livestock for years to come.

Real World Experience

When you buy an animal from a 4-Her you add to either their college tuition savings or money toward future projects. 4-H kids learn about saving, profits and basic economics even before they get to high school.