Tim Tebow may not be a familiar name to most people, so let me sum up who he is and what his deal is.  Tim Tebow is looked at as a "saint" in Florida.  He has a statue of himself on the University of Florida campus because he was such an instrumental part of their football program.  He's an unconventional NFL quarterback who plays for the Denver Broncos.  Ok, got an idea??

I like the guy and what he stands for.  I respect the fact that he is a born leader with great values etc etc, but the hype around him is killing me.  Now, I find out that there is an English word for a move he makes.  OMG...Heelllpppp!  Believe it or not, The Global Language Monitor now accepts the term ....."tebowing" as an official English word (LOL, my computer still doesn't).  Tebowing is described as the act of "taking a knee" in prayerful reflection in the midst of athletic activity.

The terms origins lie in a photo of Tim in his trademark kneeling pose ( cuz no player has ever knelt before??)

while his team celebrated victory over the Miami Dolphins on October 23rd.

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