Proms have become incredibly extravagant. If the dresses aren't expensive enough, there's also the limo, the flowers, and now even the way in which you ask has to be a production. They're called "prom-posals," and they've gotten pretty creative over time.

First of all, here is how NOT to ask a girl to the prom:


I've been to a few proms in my day.  I've been a guest at three of them and being a DJ, I've gotten to work a few. I've only had to ask someone to go with me once, and I don't think it was anything spectacular.  Somehow I rambled my way through it, and she miraculously said yes.

Here are five creative ways to ask someone to the prom.

1.  The "Draw Something" promposal:

2.  Get some friends to help you out on YouTube:

3.  Put on a full scale production in your school's cafeteria:

4.  Take over the PA system at an athletic event:

5.  Have the cheerleaders do it for you:

What's the most creative way you've ever seen someone get asked to prom?