The big game is this Sunday.  It's supposed to be the ultimate championship between the two best teams in the NFL.  But if your team isn't in it anymore and you really don't care about the commercials, you might be looking for something else to do this Sunday.

Here's a list of 5 things that you can still do that are even "bowl" themed:

( user simplerich)
1.  Eat a Bowl of Cereal

I'm sure it won't take as long as the game will, but hey...we're just getting started.

( user donnikowski)
2.  Have a "Bowl Haircut" Party

Everyone who comes, leaves with a "Bowl Haircut" where you put a bowl on your head and simply cut all the hair that you see.  Yes ladies, this applies to you too.

( user nataliej)
3.  Have a Wii Bowling Championship

Nothing says awesome like a little family competition.  Just make sure you put the strap on your wrist and don't throw the wiimote at the TV.

( user Sam Howzit)
4.  Actually Go Bowling

Yes, people still do this.  Get out of your house and get some real physical activity.  Just make sure there's beer there and bring lots of extra socks.

( user Cindy Funk)
5.  Watch the Puppy Bowl

This is what my daughter wants to do.  She loves puppies.  Plus there's a hamster blimp and hedgehog cheerleaders.  You'll find it on "Animal Planet".  Your kids will love it.