Most of us have had to go through it.  The process known as "The Car Buying Process."  When you're in high school or even college you normally love the idea of getting a new car but now, I absolutely hate just about every part of it.

You may have heard me refer to my minivan as "The Mothership."  I've had it for a couple years now and we're thinking about trading it it.  But here's 5 reasons why I'm just not ready:

1.  I Still Like My Van

I know that when I first got it, I kicked and screamed every step of the way because I wasn't ready to trade in my SUV for the dreaded minivan but I've never had a vehicle that fit my life and made it easier than the van has.  I've really grown to like it.  I mean hey...I gave it a nickname.  We're like friends now.

2.  I Hate The Idea Of A New Payment

We've been paying this thing off for a couple years now so we don't have much left on our loan.  It kind of feels like when you go to buy a new car you climb and climb to get yourself  out of a hole just to get near the top and jump back in.  The idea of taking on a new payment for a car just makes my stomach turn.

3.  Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget

Reality stinks.  I always find myself saying that the next time I get a car I'm going to get the one that I really want.  Then the next time comes around and the car that I was looking at was a lot more than I thought it was going to be....again.  I know what I can really afford everytime but it never fails that I'm always looking for something more.

4.  Your Trade In Is Never Worth What You Think It's Worth

Look it up all you want.  Check Kelly Blue Book or any other publication that supposedly shows the value of cars and when you get to the dealership, very rarely will you get what you think you're going to get.  Which normally puts your payment "just a little higher" than you had planned on it being.  And that makes you feel poor again.

5.  I Really Dislike The Games That They Play At Dealerships

I have found a couple dealerships in WNY that don't do these things but some of the games that they play are a major turn off.  It drives me nuts that the guy in the other room is the guy that I'm REALLY making the deal with but they don't let me just talk to him.  They send some guy to talk to me that has to keep going back and forth with him before I can get a good deal.  Just give me your best deal once.  If you have to get up more than twice I probably won't be at your desk when you come back.  I know it's part of the process.  It's also very annoying to me.