We've created a chain in the studio to help count down the days till our trip to Boots In The Sand in Riviera Maya, Mexico. When we talk about the trip, we usually end up listing what we're excited for the most.

So I thought I would share with you our top five reasons.

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    World-Class Beaches + Pools

    With water so clear, in both the beaches and the pools, there is bound to be the perfect spot for us to relax in peace.

    Hard Rock Hotel – Riviera Maya press photo
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    Amazing Room Accommodations

    Yes, we may be spending most of our time next to water or at one of the awesome concerts, but it's going to be hard to leave a room that has a liquor dispenser.

    Hard Rock Hotel – Riviera Maya press photo
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    Excursion Opportunities

    Whether Clay is snorkeling with Jana, I'm sailing with Dierks or Dale is off doing every single off-site exploration possible, we know there is no way we will ever be bored. If you run our of things to do at the resort, they have trips off site too!

    Hard Rock Hotel – Riviera Maya press photo
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    It's All Inclusive

    Between the three of us, we can really throw down when it comes to food! And the food options they have are endless! Dale's eye's became the size of Texas when he realized he had access to unlimited Pepsi! Having drinks delivered to us on the beach or by the pool...I want to go to there!

    Hard Rock Hotel – Riviera Maya press photo
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    It's Not Buffalo In February

    It could be 40 degrees when we're there and it would be like a heat wave for Buffalonians! We're not going to know what to do with ourselves -- we'll probably fall to the ground and cry.

    Liz Mantel