#1: Kelly, Reconsider Inviting Blake Shelton

Blake is not just a guest at Kelly's wedding.


No, no he's far more. Blake's a very, very good friend of Kelly, so he's not only a guest but the wedding singer and officiant.

Blake Shelton...officiating a wedding.


There's a nine out of 10 chance that Shelton will be intoxicated while he gets you and Brandon Blackstock to say your "I do"s. The jokes will be flying, and there's a chance he will turn it into the most unromantic union between two people of all time.

And that's not even what scares me about him being there.

If I was at that wedding, I would make sure that I got there extra early to have just ONE drink before Shelton walks in and takes over the bar. He's going to drink the place dry in no time.

So by, uninviting Blake Shelton, the rest of your guests can enjoy drinking at the party as well.

Kelly, ditch Shelton!

At least we can count on some funny tweets come October 20!