Anytime there's a story about vodka, beer or whiskey.....I'm going to relay it to you.  Is it safe to say that we all love vodka..LOL  It seems to be the easiest drink for most to indulge in.  A lot of women that order drinks at the bar either ask for vodka or rum.  It's very rare to see a woman belly up and ask for some whiskey.  Anyway....during my prep digging for the morning show, I ran across a list of 5 uses for vodka that don't involve consumption and here they are....1. Vodka can be used as a goo remover.  Don't you hate when you peel a price tag off on a lighter or a mug or whatever....and the gooey residue just won't come off.  Here's what to do....pour some vodka on a paper towel, rub it on the sticker, let it sit for a minute or so...and the price tag will pull right off.

2. Vodka can be used as a way to shine chrome! It's simple to do, pour some in a cloth and start shining.  Vodka will also do quite a job on porcelain as well as glass!

3. Vodka is also said to be a great room deodorizer! Take a spray bottle and fill it half with water and half vodka...then just spray the mix into the air.  I've never tried it before, but I will.  Lord knows the WYRK studio could use it!

4. Vodka will keep your flowers around longer!- Yep, all you have to do is add a few dashes of vodka into your vase each time you change the water.  This should give your flowers a longer lease on life!

5. Vodka can be used as a shower/tub cleaner! Use the vodka the same way you'd use your normal bathroom tile cleaner.  Spray the tub, shower curtain etc...then wipe away.

* These are all great uses for vodka, but where I come's a foul...its abuse.  The best way to use vodka is in a shot glass, martini glass....or mixed with any type of juice.

(Radio Online)