If I were to hand you $1000 in cash what would you do with it? I walked around our office today and asked our staff what they would spend it on, some of them had to really think about it. I made the stipulation that they could not pay off any bills which made it even harder for some. Here are the top five things we would do with $1000 in Buffalo.

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    Purchase Season Tickets To The Bills or Sabres

    Buffalonians are passionate about the Bills and Sabres. Even when the teams are struggling we pack the stadiums to cheer them on. You can see a lot of games for $1000 in Buffalo.

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    Blow it all at the casino

    With several casinos and poker rooms around the area people in Western New York love the rush of risking a few bucks on the tables or slots.

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    At $3.99 a gallon you could buy about 250 gallons of gas.

    If the reports are correct we could be seeing gas as high as $4.50 a gallon by this summer. Buying 250 gallons now at $3.99 a gallon would seem like a smart thing to do.

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    Dinner for four at the Buffalo Chop House

    The Buffalo Chop House is one of Buffalo's premiere restaurants and I speak from experience when I say their food really is worth the price. If I had to blow a grand I would take three of my best friends to the Chop House and eat like kings.

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    Hand the cash over to a deserving military family

    Everything I listed above would be great but what I would probably end up doing is giving the cash to a deserving military family. $1000 is nothing in comparison to the sacrifice they make every day.

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