With Buffalo Uncorked coming up Thursday night, I thought it would be wise to get you ready to become a wine drinker, if you weren't already.


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    Electric Wine Opener With Wine Chiller

    These are the basics! You don't have the time OR the strength to open a bottle of delicious nectar by hand. NO -- you need this power tool!

    And let's not forget the chiller. Sometimes a wine emergency comes, and you don't have the time to pre-plan. The wine chiller is a great solution!

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    Vino2Go 10 Ounce Insulated Wine Tumbler

    Whether you're outside or just two...three glasses in, this is a must-have for those who can't afford a back stock of wine glasses. Yes, it's almost like a sippy cup for adults, but better BECAUSE it has wine in it! It makes a perfect gift for your mom! Trust me! :)

    Jim Mantel
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    Oenophilia Porto Sippers

    So the plastic sippy cup wasn't enough for you? Want to show a touch of class with your glass? Then these sippers are for you! Talk about Shakespeare or Socrates while intelligently sipping through these delightful wine vessels.

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    Big Mouth Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

    If you know you can take down a bottle yourself, or you've seen the "Guzzle Buddy" Cougar Town episode, this glass is for you! Cut out the middle man and get straight to the sweet stuff.

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    No need for buckets of ice or watered-down wine! Just get this Corkcicle, and you'll never be without your chilled wine. Grab it out of the freezer, stick it in, and viola -- your friends are impressed and refreshed!

  • 6

    The WineRack

    For the wine drinker on-the-go. You don't have time for bottles or glasses...doesn't mean you don't need your wine fix! I'd stick to red though...no one likes a warm white wine.