I don't even know where to start writing to say enough to convey my respect for the men and woman that defend our country. As the brother of a former Marine, I understand the feelings that a family has when a loved one leaves home to serve in the Armed Forces. That being said, I doubt I will ever understand what was going through the minds of the families of those brave men and woman serving on D Day June 6, 1944. Like most of you, I have heard the stories, watched the movies and even spoken to some of the veterans that made it home from World War 2. Although many of them don't say much about their service, they are filled with pride and a reserved reverence for their fallen fellow soldiers.

I was thinking of writing a blog about the best D Day movies of all time. It would be hard to beat Saving Private Ryan.

From the opening scene, that movie is almost uncomfortable to watch. It is so realistic and so intense that many of the vets that saw the film say it was exactly the way things were that day.

I realize that ther have been many wars since. That we have lost many brave men and woman who fought for our freedom here at home. I realize that as a guy on the radio I may never truly comprehend the realities of war. I do however understand why Tom Brokaw referred to those brave men and woman of WW2  as The Greatest Generation.

It has been debated as to whether or not today's generation would have the guts or pride to do what they did back 67 years ago. Some of them at D Day even faked their age to enlist to fight for the USA. Can we truly say for sure? In this day and age of political correctness and so called "entitlement," it would be easy to say that our country has gone soft. But don't believe everything you read and see and hear from our media.

My job takes me around WNY  and I am around the town a whole lot and I can say without question that there are still a flag waving, God fearing USA loving patriots that would give anything to see this great country succeed. Just look at how many young people from WNY serve in the Armed Forces. If the media could focus more on their courage and less on the fat kids that play video games, you would see what I see.

Take a moment to remember the bravery of what happened on this day in 1944. I think we can learn so much  from the Greatest Generation. Not only from the men that died at Normandy and Omaha, but from the citizens back at home that sacrificed and worked so hard to keep this country moving in the right direction!