If you have ever gotten lost or "turned around" in a set of woods/forest you know how scary it can be. With today's technology (cell phones, GPS, etc.), getting lost is not as easy anymore. However, if you are out of range of cell service, what next?

A 72-year-old man survived 19 days in the woods before he was finally found by other hunters. His story sounds like an episode of Survivor!

After he realized he was going to be there for a while, Gene Penaflor went in to survival mode in the vast Mendocino National Forest. He ate lizards, squirrels and snakes and kept warm under leaves.

In his 19 days cut off from humanity, it snowed several times, and temperatures dropped to 25 degrees Fahrenheit some nights.

Here in Western New York, we don't have the big forests they do in the western states. True, Allegheny can be tough, and some have been lost overnight in Chestnut Ridge Park. But getting lost in a park that expands thousands of acres sure sounds a bit terrifying.