Just wanted to express my sincere thanks to all of you that came out to join WYRK for the Hospice Memorial Walk. I have been proud to be the media Chair for this great event for a few years.I can't remember seeing so many people in the past. We truly outdid ourselves this year with the attendance. It was a great monring and a great fundraiser. After I left the walk yesterday, I was thinking about what it was realy all about. It is a great fundraiser and a great way for people to get exercize. But, above all of that. It comes down to one word. Memorial.

The over 3,000 people that were there with us all in some way were there to remember someone that has passed on. There were t-shirts with faces and names on them of loved ones who have gone on. There were signs and pictures. There were even cheers honoring the names of these people as well. My favorite part tho BY FAR was hearing the many stories that people would share about people that have passed on. You can't replace those stories. That is the true spirit of what the walk is. Those stories. Those memories. Those feelings that people share at our WYRK table. One lady told me about her husband. Sounded like a great guy. She described his smile, his voice his laugh and his love for the outdoors.

Yesterday's walk was a great reminder that even though people may be lost in body, they are never truly gone in spirit. As long as there are stories and memories to share at these walk or in everyday life, our loved ones are very much alive.

Hospice is just that. A plan for living. An organization that helps comfort families and patients. I am so happy that I was asked to be a part of such a special day and thanks to all of you that shared your stories and Memories with me!!