I'm not sure that I've ever actually watched the movie from start to finish.  I've seen it in bits and pieces because it's gets played over and over at Christmas time, but I love "A Christmas Story".  The story focused on Ralphie and his wish for a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas has so many memorable scenes - the leg lamp, the kid who gets his tongue stuck on a frozen pole after a "double dog dare" and the nasty Santa using his boot to shove Ralphie down the chute.

Now there's word a sequel is in the works.  "A Christmas Story Too" will move ahead a few years with Ralphie now a 16-year old and instead of a  BB gun, now he wants a hot rod - a 1938 Hupmobile Skyline convertible.  A casting call went out last week.

The orginal movie was filmed at a home in Cleveland.  That house has its own Facebook page and it had the announcement.  They're lobbying to have the sequel filmed there too.