What a perfect night for a concert! Actually, Wednesday was a perfect day for the Erie County Fair in general. The weather couldn't have been better to walk around and enjoy the attractions and rides at this year's Fair, and it was capped off by a great show from Josh Thompson and Gary Allan.

There is always a moment during the Fair every year that I try to look from a distance at the lights and the crowd and the setting sun. I was able to capture that in the picture you see here. At the time I took this picture, Gary Allan was on stage and sounded amazing! I have been to a bunch of concerts at the ECF, and by far, Gary Allan and Josh Thompson sounded the best. I'm not sure if it was the atmospheric conditions or the fact that I was listening from a distance, but you could hear each performer and every instrument clearly.

ECF at Night

Josh Thompson sure has come a long way with his act. He really has found a way to hone in his own sound. It's gritty country meets traditional country, and I love it! As a matter of fact, Josh even pulled out a Waylon Jennings cover. When he sang "Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit..." the fans came out of their seats! Josh will be out on the road soon with Justin Moore and Randy Houser -- that's one mix of artists you don't want to miss.

As for Gary Allan?? WOW. He hasn't lost a thing. Actually, I would say Gary has gotten even better than the last time I saw him. Even backstage, Gary seemed more relaxed and energetic. It was hit after hit as Gary sang his songs from "Right Where I Need To Be" to "Feeling Like That", and fans sang along with every song!!

We were able to watch the show from the side of the stage for a bit, and it gave me a new appreciation for what artists see. Watching the crowd dance and interact with Gary and sing his songs word for word has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

I have been going to the Erie County Fair since I was an infant. This year marks my 35th consecutive Fair, and I would say that Wednesday night's show was one of the best moments so far!