Here’s a weird one for you.  A man that is a dead ringer for Kenny Chesney was booted from the Chesney/Tim McGraw concert on Saturday...because he looks like Kenny.The guy, Nathan Blankenship, paid $200 for floor tickets but was escorted from LP Field after creating a disturbance because other fans thought they were seeing Chesney in the crowd.

I've been to many concerts, and there are always people there that resemble the artists; some intentionally dress to look like the stars, and others just simply look like them and can’t help it. Remember the '80s when every girl dressed like Madonna at her shows or fans wore white gloves at a Michael Jackson show? If you removed them from the concerts, there wouldn't have been anyone at the shows!

Yes, the hat Blankenship wore definitely made him an exact match for Kenny, but come on -- even if the guy had ball cap or other hat on, he’s still going to look like Chesney. I feel bad for this guy, and he should definitely get his money back. Who would’ve thought it would be a curse to be a doppelganger?