A lot of Olympians have that back story that makes you cry -- the long, hard days of training, only to miss their dream of making to the Olympics...so they turn around a train harder, taking on several part-time jobs just to make ends meet.

Or, they're prince/pop star from Mexico.

Dubbed "The Most Interesting Olympian In The World" by NBC, Hubertus von Hohenlohe is a photographer, singer, heir to an automobile fortune and, oh yeah, German prince! He has been to the Olympics six times for Mexico and is set to make the trip to Sochi to compete in the Slalom. The history of this guy's family is crazy, and it's definitely worth learning more about how he came to represent Mexico instead of the several other countries he could have competed for.

So, aside from being 55 years old, what will make him stand out in Sochi? His attire. I think viewers will know exactly what country he's representing when they see him hit the slopes. Even if he doesn't make the podium, he will probably make several social media sites and news stories.