The Southern Tier Brewing Company came up with a new drink for Halloween this year: Imperial Pumking Ale. I have had this bottle sitting in my fridge for almost a month and tonight I finally got to try it. This Imperial Pumking Ale is made with real pumpkins and brewed right here in Western New York in Lakewood.

The name Pumking is an ode to Puca, a creature of Celtic folklore, who is both feared and respected by those who believe in it. Puca is said to waylay travelers throughout the night by tossing them on it's back and providing them with the ride of their lives. it is a journey from which everyone returns forever changed.

The Imperial Pumking Ale was very hearty with an alcohol content of 8.6% which is over twice the alcohol of your average can of Bud Light. I enjoyed this Ale as I passed out candy to the neighborhood trick or treaters and yes it did put me in the Halloween spirit.  Find out more by logging onto: