This is a magical time of year. Whether you are a fan of the holidays or not, you have to admit there is something about this time of year that is special.For many people, Christmas is all about giving and more importantly it i all about seeing the smiles on kids faces that are filled with innocence and wonder. Why would anyone try to ruin that?In Canada,  one idiot thought he would try to fill his year's Christmas with bad memories.

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A real-life Grinch was arrested after he spoiled the holiday cheer at a parade, telling children that Santa isn’t real.

As I mentioned, this time of the year is all about magic and wonder. No one has ever proven that there is or is not a Santa Claus. I at 35 years old, still believe that there is a Santa Claus. Even if we never get to see him, there is a spirit that comes around once a year that fills people with happiness and hope. What more can anyone want for a gift. That can't be bought, but it can be given and I believe that is what Santa Claus  (St. Nick) is all about. For some person to try to deny that or claim it isn't real is way out of line and deserves needs a lesson in sharing ad could use some Christmas Spirit.