If you like the snow as much as I do, there is good news. Last winter was pretty lousy for those of us that like to snowmobile or play in the snow. From Buffalo to NYC, there was little to get excited about. However, the upcoming season could make up for that!I saw this article today from the AP that claims forecasters are predicting heavier snow this fall/winter!

The cold will collide with moisture flowing up the East Coast, he says, resulting in some big snowstorms that could create travel problems, close school systems and create challenges for retailers.

He went on to include that...

"The difference this year is that a powerful current that runs along the coast of South America is in the process of shifting from a La Nina, with colder water temperatures, to an El Nino, which results in warmer seawater temperatures in the eastern tropical Pacific. “It changes the weather patterns,” says Pastelok.

Using this summer’s weather as a template, Pastelok looked for what happened in the winter in other years when a weak to moderate El Nino formed. He found a similar pattern in 2002/2003 and 1953/1954."

Get your skis, snowmobiles and shovels ready. This could be a fun season ahead. I have my fingers crossed as I only put 1 mile on my sled last year!!  That's right...just 1!