Last week I went to my daughter's high school open house at Williamsville East. Walking through the doors of Williamsville East always brings back tons of great memories from my high school days. I had a lot of fun at school, probably more than I should have. Strolling through the corridors of East made me think about the kids I knew, the stuff we did and the music we listened to. The 70's was a very exciting time in music. I was just starting to cut my teeth as a drummer and I had plenty of music around to influence me. One of my biggest influences was a drummer named John Henry Bonham who played for a group called Led Zeppelin. I tried to steal as many of his licks as I possibly could. And he was SO good that I never able to duplicate ALL of them. He is a tribute video to a band that made life a lot better for many people. John Bonham passed away on September 25, 1980. Rest In Peace Bonzo.