I was raised in the gorgeous and quaint village of East Aurora,New York. I have to say that after moving around Western New York for the last 10 years (9 moves to be exact) from north to south, it is by far the best place I have ever lived and am so glad that I decided to move back and buy a house in the gem of the South Towns.Recently I took a stroll through Knox Farm Park and left with a bit of a bitter attitude about what I found.

A Piece Of History

I can remember when we were kids (2o years ago or so) and we would drive past and only imagine what it may be like on the other side of the fence. After all, the Knox Family had owned it and it was a private residence. All we got to see were the beautiful red barns and all sheep and gorgeous landscapes on the other side of that long stone fence. The split-rail fence went on for what seemed like miles and miles. It was the kind of place that you only see in magazines or in romance movies. The barns seemed to be bigger than most hotels and you could barely see the roof lines and chimneys of the "big house" as we called it. I guess in a way it was a northern version of what the beautiful plantations of the south look like. Given the rich history in Buffalo of the Knox family, it made the estate that much more intriguing to me as a kid.

A Quiet Stroll In A Hidden Paradise

As I walked through the "park" recently I couldn't help but fantasize about what it might be like to own over 600 acres. I found myself thinking what it would be like to have to take care of all that land and how awesome it would be to one day pass it on to my kids. Sounds crazy but if you ever walk through it, I bet you day dream of having the privacy and beauty of this place as well. It came to mind that the Knox family must have thought the same thing and when it was "new" the Knox Estate must have been for lack of a better phrase...freaking amazing.

A Treasure Handed Down

You have to give the Knox family credit. After all they could have kept this place in their possession for years to come.But, being as kind and generous to the community as they have been, they decided to hand it off to the public. More specifically New York State.In my opinion that was a well intended mistake. New York can barely take care of the issues that they have been facing financially for years. Not to go on a political rant, but the misguided and mishandled administration of New York State has let us down for years and as it were, Knox Park suffered.

A Hard Lesson to Swallow

It is so sad to walk through and see the overgrown fields. The tattered and broken fencing. the buildings that are literally falling apart. The barns that are just about crumbling. I could go into detail about the guest house and "big house" issues but it is almost to upsetting to write about. The place is going downhill and fast. A real shame to see.

Help On The Way?

I read a news story recently about a group that is dedicated to preserving what should be a place for families of Western New York to enjoy for years to come.Can I be the first to say, thank you to these people? Friends Of Knox Park is a group devoted to getting the estate back on track. i realize that many of you that are not from East Aurora may not see what I am upset about. I get that. However, don't we as responsible Western New Yorkers owe it to the legacy of the Knox family? After all they have done for this area from sporting to the arts to improve our region I think we have a debt and the at the very least we can take care of a treasured land that was given out of kindness? Trust me, take a walk in the early evening around this little paradise and you will understand the magic within it's stone fence.