I recently was introduced to the music of Aaron Lewis. Well, I should say that I was introduced to his Country Music. Lewis has been on the music scene for years with the band Staind. Perhaps you have heard the song "It's Been Awhile?" I can't honestly say that I am a big fan of Staind. I probably could only name one or two songs. However, when their songs come on the radio, you can easily identify them. I think it is solely because of Aaron Lewis' voice and style.There are few artists that sing with more passion and authority than Aaron Lewis. When I first heard him sing "Country Boy" I was blown away. He is a natural when it comes to country. True, he may not have the purity that Vince Gill has in his voice or the twang that Garth Brooks has or even  the hair and legs that Carrie Underwood  has. But, he has something that, sadly, not many of today's new stars have. It's one word.Originality. He is not your "cookie cutter" 'Run of the mill" singer or performer.

It's the grit. It's the chippy-ness (if that is a word) in his singing that really sells his style. Take a minute to listen to "Country Boy." Beside the fact that the lyrics to this song are EXACTLY how I feel about things, it is one of those songs that just can fire you up!

Aaron Lewis hasn't hit the country mainstream just yet. In my opinion, that is because the country mainstream flows in one direction. Speaking metaphorically. Aaron Lewis is like  a new fish trying to change the current of a powerful stream that is flooded by politics and greed.

Hope you enjoy....