Well it’s now official; The LA Times reports ABC has cancelled two of its long running daytime soaps.  “All My Children” will end this September and “One Life to Lives’” last episodes will air in January 2012.  I have to say I’m a little sad at this news.  Even though I haven’t been able to watch them in a long while, I do admit to catching up with them occasionally on the Soapnet .  I used to watch both of these soaps when I was a teenager during the summer on rainy days or if I was home sick.  Yes I admit I grew up on ABC Daytime and what used to be called ‘Love in the Afternoon’.   Yes, there have always been a ton of good looking men on daytime TV and they’ve kept me watching.  Not to mention all the drama in soap land.  I can’t count the number of fake pregnancies, affairs, protective fathers there has been over the years.  I know for those of you under the age of 25 it’s no big deal these soaps are leaving the airwaves.  For me it is the end of an era.   Here is a classic scene from 'All My Children".  I remember crying over this.