This week's Hometown Hero is a guy who puts his life on the line every day in the Army. Originally from Tonawanda, our Hometown Hero is Army E4 Adam Neudecker!

Adam is currently in Afghanistan for his second deployment in less than two years. He is a combat engineer, which means he does route security clearance and locates/finds IEDs. He is truly on the front lines, as he is the first one to go out and clear a path for the other troops.

His family is hoping that he will be home in early May to have the big wedding this coming summer that he wasn’t able to have with his wife this past August.

We wish him the best as he performs his incredibly dangerous, incredibly important job every day for our safety and the safety of the others in the Army. Adam, we are proud to call you our Hometown Hero this week and can’t wait until you are home safe and sound with your family.

If you would like to nominate someone who is currently serving our country or has served in the past, click the button below. We will choose a new Hometown Hero each Friday. If their name is chosen, we will not only feature them right here on, but we'll be sure to thank them for their service on the air and dedicate the first song on Noon Tunes to them.