It can happen in an instant and all of a sudden you’re a crime victim. I feel so violated after my wallet was stolen last weekend. At first I wasn’t sure what happened. I wasn’t sure if I misplaced it at first. I tore apart the car, looked all over the house. I even went back to the Transit Road restaurant where I last had it and went thru the garbage can where I emptied my tray before leaving.

By Monday I figured it was gone, so now comes the job of replacing everything that was in the wallet. I had to cancel the credit card, get a new ATM card. I spent an hour at the auto bureau getting a new license. And the whole time hoping that somehow, somewhere the wallet would just appear or I’d finally find it in some goofy spot where I left it.

Then I got a message from a woman who looked me up on Facebook and said her husband had found my wallet. He found it on Delaware Avenue in Tonawanda, 13 miles away from where I last had it. So sure enough, it had been stolen.

How did it happen? Not exactly sure, but I think after I paid for my sandwich I sat at a table and for some reason I put the wallet on the table or on the bench and when they called out my order and when I went to get it, somebody swiped the wallet.

It’s so upsetting to lose a wallet, but a Good Samaritan came thru and amazing that everything was intact….the credit card, ATM card, license and other things - everything. Even some credit card receipts. The money was gone, but I was so thankful to get the entire wallet back.

I hate it that some scum went thru my wallet – my personal items. But I’m so grateful that there are so many good people in the world who are willing to go the extra mile to do the right thing.