The last time I saw Alabama was at Melody Fair in North Tonawanda. The last time I saw Randy Owen was at our Taste Of Country. Not to be critical of randy on his own. But, it just wasn't the same. As the old cliche goes, it was like bread without butter or pepper without salt. Looks like the boys from Ft. Payne have decided to do a little reunion tour.According to :

“We’re talking about doing maybe 20 shows next year,” said Alabama cofounder, singer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Cook during a recent phone interview.

My guess is that they have Brad Paisley to thank for at least some of that. Since the release of his latest number 1, "Old Alabama" the group has regained some recognition from a generation of fans that may not even been born during the "hay-day" of the CMA Artist Of The Decade for the 80's.

According to the article, they will do only a handful of shows. They may record some new music as well. As a big fan of Alabama..I say bring it on!!  Just goes to show that some things just get better with age and never go out of style!