19 years ago, on Aug. 5, 1995, Alan Jackson had a big reason to celebrate. The singer earned his 11th No. 1 hit with his single, 'I Don't Even Know Your Name.'

The song was the fifth and final single from his multi-platinum selling 'Who I Am' album, but it almost didn't even make the record. Written by Jackson, along with Ron Jackson and Andy Lofton, the singer admits he wrote it as a joke for his family.

With lines like, "I'm in love with you baby, I don't even know your name / I've never been too good with all those sexual games / So maybe it's just better if we leave it this way / I'm in love with you, baby, and I don't even know your name," Jackson didn't originally plan on ever recording the song. But while on the road in 1993, he had a change of heart and passed the demo to his brother-in-law, and the rest is history.

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy starred in the video as the lead character, who, in his intoxicated state, married a waitress who is missing her left front tooth.

Jackson bumped off Shania Twain's two-week run at the top of the charts with her single, 'Any Man of Mine,' to claim the top spot. He included 'I Don't Even Know Your Name' on his 1995 'The Greatest Hits Collection,' his 1999 'Super Hits' project, and his 2007 '16 Biggest Hits' record.

Download 'I Don't Even Know Your Name' here.