If you're like me, it's not out of the ordinary that you buy your favorite CD for your favorite song only to put it in the car and rarely hear the rest of the music on the disk.  I'm a CD switcher.  Sometimes I even annoy myself with how quickly I move from one CD to another.  Then there are those days...

You know the days I'm talking about.  The days where you put 5 of your favorite CDs in and move away from the radio.  Maybe you're cleaning the house or hanging out by the pool, and you hear a GREAT song that you have just skipped over in your car.  It's that moment when you ask yourself, "Why didn't this one ever make it to the radio?"

Alan Jackson Talks Deep Cuts

I've got a couple songs just off the top of my head that fit this bill.  "Jolene" was a great song from The Zac Brown Band that never made it to the radio.  "Huckleberry" from Toby Keith fits too.  Do you have any favorites?