She's 7 years old and attends J.T. Waugh School in Angola and she's this week's Good Kid of the Week.

Her dad tells us Alisea has one of the biggest hearts he knows.  She reminds him a lot of his mother because she has such a big heart.  He says when he asked about her lunch account being charged every day for two ice creams she quietly admitted she was buying two ice creams everyday.  But he could tell there was more to the story.  So as he dug for more information the truth came out.  She explained that her friend's parents never have any money for her to get snacks at school so whenever Alisea gets ice cream she buys one for herself and one for her friend.  He says it didn't surprise him.  He's proud of her and told her to keep giving to others.

Alisea wins a $15 Archcard to McDonald's and a WYRK Good Kid t-shirt courtesy of Custom Tee Identity Ink in Kenmore.

Congratulations, Alisea Bonitati!