I found an interesting article/study in our daily prep that said 1 out of 3 Americans would fail a U.S. citizenship test if they had to take it today! The areas where people performed the worst were questions about the Constitution and the 3 branches of our government.  The participants excelled in questions regarding geography and history.  Isn’t it funny that immigrants pass our citizenship test with a rate of 97%, but we Americans can only muster a shabby 33%.  That’s bad!  If you think about it though, being born American kind of grandfathers you in to being an American.  Then, we go to school and try to pay attention to all the history and things about the country we live in.  These immigrants, who pass the citizenship test with flying colors, are DYING to get into America, so of course they are going to study and ace the test.  I’m not really surprised that Americans do so poorly.  I’m sure if I took the test I’d be disappointed with the results.  When’s the last time you really brushed up on the Constitution? (I mean c’mon…really)  Most of that stuff people forget about 5-10 years out of their formal schooling.

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