Yesterday was President’s Day, so today let’s give equal time to the First Ladies. A National Public Opinion poll asked Americans who their favorite First Lady has been since 1974 and it wasn’t Michelle Obama.

Tied for first place, each with 19 percent of the vote was Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton (Getty Images)

And according to Robert Watson, a political science professor at Lynn University in Florida, both Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton “are the only two First Ladies who were not more popular than their husbands when they were in office.”

Nancy Reagan (Getty Images)

Nancy Reagan is best remembered for her “Just Say No To Drugs” campaign directed at kids. Hillary Clinton was an advocate of international women’s issues.

Even today, both are well-thought of by the American public and recently Hillary was projected to be the most-likely Democratic candidate for President in 2016.

Stranger still, most polls of this type usually result in the current First Lady coming out on top. Michelle Obama came in at 15 percent.

Laura Bush took 12 percent.

Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter and Barbara Bush all received less than 10 percent of the vote.

Who was the most influential First Lady of all time? Probably Eleanore Roosevelt. When FDR was left crippled with polio, it was his wife who often represented him – standing and walking where he couldn’t and taking his message to the American people. She supported her husband during the worst economic crisis in American history – the Great Depression.  In her later years she became a delegate to the UN, chaired its Human Rights Committee and drafted the first Declaration of Human Rights.