What do you think the most searched term on Yahoo.com was??  Guys, let the ladies answer this one.  I'm not sure what may come out of your mouths.  We all know what "terms" guys are searching.  Anyway....the top searched term this year was...."ELECTION."  This is the 3rd time "election" has come in 1st on the list of searches since Yahoo began the list in 2000. In 2011, the most searched term was "iPhone" (came in 2nd this year).  In 2010, the term was "BP oil spill."  In 2009, the most searched term on Yahoo.com was "Michael Jackson's death."

Here is the list of top searched terms on Yahoo for 2012!

1. Election

2. iPhone

3. Kim Kardashian

4. Kate Upton

5. Kate Middleton

6. Whitney Houston

7. Olympics

8. Political Polls

9. Lindsay Lohan

10. Jennifer Lopez


(Metro Source)