He's 11 years old and attends school in the Starpoint Central School district.  His name is Andrew Mallone, he has a heart of gold and his mom wrote to tell us why.

His mom says every time Andrew sees a veteran he thanks them.  They could just be wearing a military baseball cap and he'll go up and thank them.  He has gone up to miltary men and women traveling in airports and thanks them.  The smile he puts on their faces leaves a mark on everybody. Recently he approached an older gentleman sitting by himself in Tim Horton's and thanked him for his service to our country. The man shed a tear and looked at Andrew, thanked him and said he just made his day.

Recently at a school concert he spotted a janitor and thanked him for always keeping the school clean.  The man was speechless and gave him a handshake and how much that thank you meant to him.

Andrew wins a $15 Archcard to McDonald's and a WYRK Good Kid t-shirt courtesy of Custom Tee Identity Ink in Kenmore.

Congratulations, Andrew Mallone!