This story seems like it would be a joke. I mean in this day and age of eating disorders, what company in their right mind would try to capitalize off of such a controversial issue?According to, one store has taken swift action to remove such a costume from it's shelves. The company is Ricky's. It is an online costume store that, according to the article, advertised the costume this way:

" (The picture)shows a woman in a provocative pose holding a measuring tape wrapped around her waist, showing off a bone atop her head, and a skeletal view on the dress that includes a little red label spelling out "Anna Rexia."

I understand that this costume has been around for a while and was once listed as one of the creepiest and sickest costumes ever. Remember when Halloween was about little kids dressing up as pirates, or witches or even the occasional "army man" or Raggedy Ann? These days, it seems as though it is more of a lingerie show!