You know when you go to a store or something, sometimes and you see that person. THAT PERSON that walks fine and looks fine but still uses the handicap spot as you're walking halfway across the parking lot.

Maybe they're fine, and maybe they're not. But we've all wondered about some people (and honestly, it's one thing I don't care how much of a hurry I'm in -- you'll never see me in a handicap spot). Well, here's one mom's story, and she's getting the media to notice.

She very quickly went into the store with her two daughters, one of which needs a wheelchair. Her name's Suzanne Perryman:

I guess you didn't see the accessible permit hanging from my car mirror, giving me permission to park close to the entrance. You didn't see the wheelchair lift permanently installed into the back of my SUV, and you didn't see me unload my little girl's pink manual wheelchair that we use for "quick" trips. Maybe from your view, you only saw my older daughter and me, and not Zoe's little girl bubble gum pink wheelchair. But forget all that, it could have only been my older daughter with me that day, parked in that same spot and -- depending on her health at that moment -- in your eyes, we would have appeared to be at fault, even though her doctor almost nags me, reminding me often to use the medically-authorized permit to conserve her energy when needed. But looking at her, you wouldn't know she has the same progressive metabolic disorder as her younger sister. 

This is the note (above) that was left on her car. It left her in tears.

Is the lady that left this note arrogant? What do you think?