What a fun weekend! It's hard to believe that it has come and gone, but Jam In The Valley 2012 is in the books, and it will rank among the best yet. True, Miranda Lambert was not able to make this past weekend's round of shows, but I thought the fans that made it Thursday through Saturday had a blast.

Like any show, there are some things that JITV staff have to deal with behind the scenes that pop up. From some electrical issues to a headliner canceling, things can pop up that you can't always predict. Hats of to the people at JITV that handled each situation seamlessly.

I can say without a doubt that every act brought their "A Game." I have never seen a Skynyrd show until Saturday night, and I am glad I finally had a chance. To see a legendary name on stage like that was a real treat and to see how the crowd responded to them was also something special. True they are the first rock band to play the event, it didn't seem to matter as they cranked out classics like "Sweet Home Alabama" and 'Freebird!"

Justin Moore, Randy Houser, Jerrod Nieman and Thomas Rhett gave fans more than their money's worth all weekend. Prior to the incredible fireworks show on Saturday, it was announced that JITV 2013 may be a three-day show. It would run Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is so great to see an event like that continuing to grow. Knowing the hard work that goes in to putting on a show like that, when you stand and watch thousands of people having fun...the hard work pays off! My sincere thanks to the Atteas for asking me to be a part of it! Here are some photos from this past weekend!