Today is a big day for hunters in Western New York. The first day of the whitetail deer archery season begins! The warmer weather and dry conditions should make for a comfortable morning and evening in the woods and deer stands.

The numbers seem to be up. At least where I travel these days, I am seeing quite a few fawns and doe. The bucks I have seen are mostly a year and a half, and most of them I have been seeing in fields in the early mornings. However, I have been hearing reports of lots of rubs in the woods, as well as receiving pictures from game cameras and cell phones of good size bucks and buck activity, such as sparring, in fields.

The DEC has a few changes to regulations this year, and once again, the Youth Gun Hunt will take place.

Best of luck to all that make it out today and for the rest of the season!!

Here is a video I found of a nice buck making a scrape. This is NOT a buck I have seen, but WISH I could!