Oh how we love our cell phones!  We take them everywhere we go.  They're like our little digital buddy.  We constantly check them throughout the day and even take them into the bathroom with us to keep busy.  What ever did they do on this earth before this glorious invention?  Any way...the topic of using cell phones at the dinner table came up the other morning, but the show as full.  Clay, Dale and I decided to ....leave it for today, when we can really discuss "cell phones at the dinner table" in depth.  Rascal Flatts even weighed in on the topic (which you can hear as you click on).

At my house, we are pretty lax.  If you need to use it at a casual dinner, no problem.   If the extended family is in, sneaking a few looks at the cell phone might be OK, but it has to be super quick!.  I know some families who won't even tolerate a peek.

How do you feel about cell phones at the dinner table?  Do you believe that dinner time is family time?  Does technology interfere with really "connecting" as humans?

Hear What Rascal Flatts Has To Say About Cell Phones At The Dinner Table