Are YOU addicted to your iPhone, Android or Blackberry?  If you say no, try leaving your phone at home for a few days.  How about one day?  I bet some of us can't even do that!  A new survey found that 66% of Americans polled say that they are afraid to be without their cell phone, even for the shortest amount of time.  Experts are calling this new affliction- "Nomophobia!"  It stands for mobile phone phobia!  Weird isn't it?  There is a phobia, or diagnosis for every little thing nowadays.  This study also shows that cell phone addiction is on the rise because stats are up from the last study regarding cell phone addiction.  In the last study, only 54% said that they are afraid to be without their phone.  Experts went on to say that its women and teens who are most likely to have "Nomophobia."

STAT- Most people check their phones 34 times a day--on average!

- 3/4 of the people polled also admitted to bringing their phones into the bathroom with them! (Gotta

admit, I do it, sometimes)