CMT is hosting a 24 hour listening party on their Facebook page to hear every song on Thompson Square's brand new self-titled debut album before it hits the shelves next Tuesday. We actually just got the full CDs here at the station today and I am listening to it as I type this. While I usually reserve judgment on a new album until I have listened to every song at least 2-3 times...I have to say that as of track 9, it is a great album, I can't wait to hear the next 3 songs...and then get in my car and listen to it again. 9 of the 12 tracks are written by husband and wife team of Keifer and Shawna Thompson. Be sure to check out 'Let's Fight', clearly Keifer and Shawna's relationship is going so well (even on the road together) that they have to find a reason to start a fight...just so they can make up. Front to back track 1 to track 12, this is an album and a band/group/duo/couple that will be around for a while. Great songwriting, perfect harmony, definitely an album to pick up next week, but in the meantime...listen here:

Click here to listen.

Missed it on CMT? Listen here.