The hazy sunshine can be deceiving and if you’re in it for even the shortest amount of time you could get nasty sunburn.  I was at my sister’s pool yesterday and we were all having a great time in the water.  The sky was hazy and there were even times when it was cloudy over the pool, but I knew the sun rays were strong and made sure to use plenty of sunscreen.  My sister wasn’t as cautious and got herself a big old sunburn.  We’ve all done it, stayed in the sun to long and found ourselves in pain from the burn.  I felt bad for her, but at the same time I kept saying you’re going to get burned if you don’t put on more sunscreen.  That’s the trick too; you have to continue to re-apply throughout the day and make sure it hasn’t passes its expiration date.

 I’ve gotten two nasty sunburns in my lifetime, and after the last one about 5 years ago I swore it would never happen again.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I was going fishing with my brother in-law and I had forgotten to bring sunscreen.  He told me, don’t worry there is some on the boat.  Once we were on the water I reached for the sunscreen and saw that it was 8 years past its due date.  I thought, outdated stuff has to be better than nothing.  Boy was I wrong I think the stuff actually attracted the sun.  Needless to say I was burned and in so much pain, I knew I never wanted to live through that again.  Lesson learned and now I’m very diligent about applying sunscreen.

Enjoy the summer but be careful and use plenty of sunscreen!