If you like bacon you’re gonna love this. A Texas woman who just celebrated her 105th birthday says bacon is the secret to her long life. Pearl Cantrell lives near Abilene, Texas and says she loves bacon and eats it everyday.

Born in 1908, Pearl has outlived her husband and three of her seven children. She has 18 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren and 13 great-great grandchilren. She loves country music, especially Moe Bandy. She’s worked hard all of her life, spending years working in the fields on the family farm.

Maybe that’s the real key to long life – keeping active. She just happens to love bacon and despite all the warnings about eating too much of it she’s in good health.

Bacon is high in salt and has been linked to an increased risk of pancreatic cancer and heart disease, but here she is going strong at 105.

And attitude is another key to long life. Pearl’s daughter says her mother always taught them to work hard, get up every morning and think about living. She says her mother never thinks about dying.