If you live in the Town of Amherst, there is now have a place for dog owners to take their dogs. It's called the Amherst Paw Park and you will find it on Smith Road near New Road in East Amherst.

My wife Debbie was on the committee to build the Amherst Paw Park. She and I and the other members worked very hard putting on fund raising events so we could raise enough money to eventually realize this dream. The Amherst Paw Park was completed last year and it's ready for you and your dog to enjoy.

Over the weekend, we took Bailey there twice. Debbie and I are both firm believers in dog socialization. A canine who socializes with other dogs becomes a better animal. A word of advice if you do take your dog there, you still need to watch your dog very closely. Dogs and like children. They often need to be separated from the group and may even need the occasional "time out".

The Amherst Paw Park has two sections. One is for smaller dogs weighing 25 pounds or less. The other section is for larger dogs. Find out more by visiting our website:  www.thepawpark.org