The holidays are over and we now dig in for a long winter.  True we haven’t seen too much snow or felt the super cold temperatures but there is plenty of winter left for that and that can make me down right blue.  I would normally take my tree down on New Years Day but because it was early in the week I've left it up knowing I'll get to that task this weekend. .  I think it’s weird that some people take the tree down a minute after Christmas but I guess that’s their choice.   I never really make New Year’s resolutions but I did decide that I must take better care of myself, eat better and get more exercise.  Last year I kicked it in to high gear and lost some weight but I do admit I fell off the wagon a bit the last month or so. I've promised myself to get back to that place where I'm eating better and exercising.  I usually hibernate like a bear in winter but I will work on getting out more and not being so closed off during the cold days ahead.  I will fend off the winter blahs before they hit me; I guess that’s sort of a resolution.